Honeymoon And Wedding Gift List

It's just a few easy steps to set up your honeymoon registry and start receiving gifts. For details on how to edit your registry and manage your money, see FAQs or when signed into your account, view the How it works section of your dashboard.
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There are two types of gift payments:

"Trip Contribution" funds will be transferred directly to you by check or bank transfer according to your preference and will be processed within 24 hours of your request.

"Resort Credit" items will be transferred to your room account on property and can be used for any items that may be billed to your room while at the resort. Your booking confirmation number is required before any transfers are made and items are not pre-arranged/scheduled. All resort credits must be used on property during your stay, are non-refundable and non-transferable. Gifts that are processed as "Resort Credit" can be purchased up to 5 days prior to your honeymoon date. Within 5 days of your arrival date purchased gifts will be handled as payment going directly to you.

Since this property transacts in their local currency, when your gift monies are transferred to your property the funds will be converted to the local currency and applied as a credit to your room. The currency conversion rate will be based on the given rate the day of the fund transfer.